Home Safety | 3 Electrical Safety Practices When You Have Small Kids At Home

If you have small kids in your house, then you have to be extra careful with electrical outlets and appliances because children tend to be curious, which is sometimes dangerous. Smart electrical safety practices will ensure that your kids remain safe at all times, so follow this guide when working with your electrician.

Install Caps Over Unused Electrical Outlets

You probably have some unused electrical outlets around your home where no appliances are plugged in. These outlets can prove to be a temptation for your children to put their finger into or put something inside, which can give them a shock. Installing an outlet cap is a quick and cheap way to stop your kids from poking objects into electrical outlets. These are made from plastic and go right into the outlet. The exposed area is completely flat, so your child will not be able to grip or tamper with the outlet and will remain safe. Outlet covers are easy to find at electrical stores, so you should have no trouble finding them for your home.

Wall Mount Extension Cords Away From The Grasp Of Kids

When you have kids, it's often best to avoid extension cords completely because kids are attracted to wires and will not hesitate to play with them. This can prove to be incredibly dangerous when the power switch is on. To circumvent this problem, get your electrician to wall mount the extension cord well beyond the reach of your little kids. You can also cover the wires rising up to the extension plugs with cable protectors to stop your kids from interacting with any of them at the ground level. As a general rule, less wires are safer, so try to eliminate the need for excessive wires inside your home in the first place.

Get Your Electrician To Fix Switch Locks

Your kids have probably seen you turn switches off and on, so they are bound to follow your actions. This could turn out to be a big problem if they end up turning them off and on continuously because they could potentially get a shock or blow out a light fixture. To prevent this, get your electrician to affix switch locks, which fit on most standard switches. Most switch locks also come with locking snaps, so children cannot tamper with them when you are not around.

When you have small kids at home, you have to ensure that the house is safe for them. Your electrician can help you follow these clever electrical safety practices to prevent any unnecessary accidents in your home.