Mining Equipment: 4 Essential Guidelines For Preventing Electrical Hazards

Electricity is indispensable on mining sites because it powers the core heavy equipment, provides lighting and charges critical devices. Unfortunately, electricity increases the risks of working in the mining area due to potential hazards. Some of the dangers related to electrical power include electrical shock, electrocution, explosions and fires. Keep in mind that accidents in/on a mining site are more dangerous than in other environments because of the confined nature of the workplace. Therefore, you must take precautions to ensure electrical safety and prevent injuries and fatalities. Here are fundamental guidelines to help you establish and actualise a safety plan for your mining project.

Choose The Electrical System

If the elements of your electrical system are not suitable for mining operations, the risk of malfunctions will increase. Therefore, when purchasing mining equipment and electrical accessories, ensure they are rated for industrial applications. For example, the cables and wires must be capable of handling heavy currents. Light-duty wiring and cabling are more susceptible to damage from overheating after connection to heavy machinery. You should also check your power distribution system and switchgear. Make sure their electrical rating is compatible with the onsite equipment. Additionally, the connectors and fittings for your setup must have high resistance.

Ensure Professional Installation

Improper setup of your electrical mining equipment will cause malfunctions and accidents during the project. Therefore, when you purchase the electrical components, choose a qualified electrician for installation. A professional in industrial electrical systems will ensure that each element of the mining project is safe for operations. Keep in mind that amateur installation will lead to oversights like equipment incompatibility, incorrect grounding, fire hazards and insulation problems.

Maintain The Mining Equipment

Mining equipment maintenance is essential for electrical safety. If the machines are in poor condition, they will be more susceptible to operational anomalies after the introduction of a high current. Therefore, you should plan for regular upkeep of the equipment. Where possible, engage a dedicated mechanic to handle routine maintenance and conduct repairs onsite. Alternatively, you can schedule regular visits from a third-party specialist to handle the tasks.

Plan For Regular Inspections

Finally, you should think about the best monitoring approach for your electrical system during the mining project. Regular inspections are crucial for detecting problems in the equipment before an accident occurs. Therefore, consider training the operators and other workers on the correct process for identifying anomalies in both the electrical systems and the mining equipment. Ensure each report on the condition of the machinery is reviewed and filed for future reference. 

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