When to Call a Specialist Versus a Standard Electrician

Most electricians can perform a wide variety of work on your home and ensure that the work is done up to code and is safe. However, there are some jobs that may require the services of specialist electricians, so you know it gets done properly and is not out of the scope of abilities of a standard electrician. Note a few of those jobs here so you know you always hire the right professional for any work you need to have done.

Repairing or replacing defects

If you need an electrician because wiring in your home has become bare or frayed, you might call a specialist who can manage this type of work. This is so they can do more than just replace wiring; they will inspect the circuit and everything to which it flows and note why that wiring became damaged. If you're overloading the wiring or the wiring is installed near water or anything else that causes damage, you may see that replacing it simply means having your new wiring get damaged over time as well. A specialist will be able to note other repairs or fixes that can be made to ensure your new wiring is protected and safe over time.

Adding outside wiring

Putting wiring outside your home for lighting, pool equipment, patio heaters and other such materials is a bit different than adding wiring behind your home's interior walls. Outside wiring needs to withstand the elements and be secured so that it doesn't get damaged from moisture in the ground, while still being protected from wind, vibrations, and the like. This calls for a specialist who can manage this type of installation and test the wiring to ensure it's safe while still being functional.

Getting cost estimates

If you need wiring replaced behind the walls of your home, most electricians will give you a cost estimate before handling the job. However, for new construction or major renovation projects, you may need several different estimates based on changes you might make to the overall plans, features you want to add but can also remove if the cost is too much, if you change building materials, and the like. Not all electricians are trained to work with such plans and to give you different cost estimates based on new construction or renovation work that hasn't yet started, so a specialist electrician who is accustomed to handling construction work can be the right option in these cases.