Electrical Help: 3 Times You Need to Call an Electrical Service

If you are preparing to carry out some electrical installation or repair work in your home, you might think you can handle all of the work on your own. While you may have the right tools and a bit of know-how there are some electrical jobs which may seem straightforward but which are better left to a professional electrician. Below is a brief guide to 3 times when you are better off calling an electrical service.

Installing plug sockets in your bathroom or kitchen

Bathroom or kitchen plug sockets are fitted with an extra ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). This is because there is an increased chance that a plug socket will become wet in the bathroom or kitchen. The GFCI provides additional protection against electrical shocks. However, if the GFCI isn't properly installed, it can actually increase the likelihood of electrical shock or fire. If you have never installed a GFCI plug socket before, you are probably better off calling in an electrician. The added ground wire can make these sockets difficult to install and complicated to connect.

Installing electrical pool equipment

Modern swimming pools feature a great deal of electrical items such as wiring, lighting and other components such as pumps. Because your swimming pool is full of water, these electrical systems are at a far higher risk of getting wet when compared to electrical components in the rest of your property. Faulty electrical wiring in your pool could put you at risk of electrocution or could cause a power cut to the rest of your property. It can also be very difficult to access and repair. For these reasons, if you need to carry out work on the electrical systems connected to your pool, you should contact a professional electrical service.

Installing or repairing outdoor lighting

Because the outdoor lighting on your property is exposed to wind and rain, it is important that the units are properly installed and the wiring is properly maintained. Outdoor power outlets generally require an additional metal covering to protect them from the elements. And it is likely that they will need to be fitted with a GFCI. This can complicate the installation process. Incorrectly installing or repairing outdoor lighting features could cause them to short circuit during the next rain storm, leaving your house in darkness. If you wish to carry out any outdoor electrical work, you should call a professional electrical service for advice and assistance.

If you need further help and advice, contact an electrical service today.