Tips to Troubleshooting Dryer Problems

One of the things that you have to deal with on a regular basis is doing laundry. In some occasions, you will find your schedule extremely busy and thus will decide to kill two birds with one stone. Put all your wet laundry in the dryer while you go about running errands. There is nothing as frustrating as coming back after finishing your errands to find your laundry still damp since your dryer is not functioning properly. There are a few repair solutions that you could explore to try to fix your appliance to ensure this is not a regular occurrence. It should be noted that if troubleshooting does not work, it is best to enlist the services of an electrician to diagnose and fix the underlying problem. Here are some of the tips that you could use to troubleshoot problems with your dryer.

Inspect the dryer for blown fuses

The first thing that you could do when it comes to repair solutions for a dryer would be to check for any blown fuses. If you locate a blown fuse, you should have it replaced immediately. Depending on how old the appliance is as well as how often it is in use, you will find that a tripped circuit or a blown fuse could be what is causing the malfunctions. This is especially true in homes that have an old electrical system. If the problem persists, you would be best advised to seek the professional services of a certified electrician.

Inspect the lint trap

If you find that your clothes are taking extremely long to dry, you may be having problems with the lint trap. Air cannot properly circulate in the appliance if he lint trap is clogged up. When the lint trap is full, the dryer has to work longer than normal to ensure that all your clothes become dry. In addition to this, you will find that a clogged filter will also cause your appliance to overheat. This is something that should be avoided as it could cause your appliance to catch fire. To ensure that your appliance is working at optimal conditions, you should frequently clean out the lint filter once it is done drying a load of laundry.

Inspect the dryer hose and vent

If you have cleaned out the lint trap but still find that the clothes are taking a significantly long time to dry, you may have to check the dryer hose as well as its exhaust vent. With frequent use, lint can also block these components. This in turn prevents the exhaust vent from opening.