Three Ways You Could Instantly Improve the Experience of Driving Your Car

Across Australia, millions of drivers are not enjoying their vehicles as much as they should be. Instead of running at 100 percent efficiency, their cars have all manner of problems that are dragging them down, from worn-out tyres or faulty steering to air conditioning units that are on their last legs.

Most of these problems can be easily addressed, but motorists either don't notice them or decide to put off much needed repairs. If that sounds like you, here are some common automotive complaints that you should be aware of if you want to experience what your vehicle is truly capable of.

Keep Your Oil Levels High to Keep Everything Running Smoothly

Those knocking or clicking noises that cars often make aren't accidental. They tend to be caused by oil levels running low in the vehicle's key systems. When that oil runs low, the brakes and engine start to experience greater friction as parts come into contact. This doesn't just create annoying noises, it also lowers fuel efficiency and can cause those components to fail. So as soon as you hear a tell-tale knocking, check your oil levels. You could see an instant boost in your car's performance.

Replace Your Fan Belt When Required

Knocking is distressing, but when your car starts to squeal, it can be heartbreaking. This is usually a sign that the fan belt is wearing thin or has become dislodged and is almost always a sign that the belt needs to be replaced. Experts recommend changing your fan belt about every 50,000 miles, and it's not wise to leave it much later than that. The result of delaying could well be a torn belt, broken power steering and an immobilised vehicle. But if you do change the belt, both the noise and handling of your car may well improve.

Restore Your Air Conditioner to Full Fitness

In Australia, air conditioning isn't just a luxury add-on. When temperatures soar to 40 degrees Celsius, air conditioning can get you to work without becoming drenched in sweat and it can keep your groceries in good condition until you reach the fridge. Most people know that air conditioning is important, so why do so many Aussies drive around in cars that could be cooled much more efficiently?

Ordinary car air conditioners lose refrigerant at an average rate of about 15 percent every year. Their condensers (which create a cooling effect by condensing refrigerant gases) also become grimy and blocked, making them much less effective and potentially posing an odour risk as bacteria builds up. All of this means that car air conditioning repairs can have a major effect on your driving experience. Just replenishing coolant levels can make your car so much more pleasant to drive, while a properly working air con unit adds value to the vehicle as well, so don't neglect it.

Vehicle problems don't generally come out of the blue. They creep up on drivers and offer clues about whether it's time to schedule a service. If you pay attention to knocking, squealing or a failing air conditioner, you can isolate problems, take action and restore your car to perfect health.