Where and How to Use Electrical Engraving at Your University

Electrical engraving is the process of engraving information onto electrical equipment. It's useful for labelling plug sockets, computer ports and switches. Electrical engraving can massively improve safety, particularly in facilities with large numbers of staff and pupils, like universities.

For example, having clearly labelled light switches ensures that lights are never switched off in error, reducing the risk of slips and trips. In kitchens, clearly labelled switches for appliances ensure that nothing is switched or left on by accident, reducing the risk of fires. Electrical engraving makes classrooms and lecture theatres more functional, and easier for students and lecturers to use, as audio visual equipment can be clearly labelled.

Read on for suggestions on exactly how to use electrical engraving in three locations around your university.

Lecture theatres

Most students have been frustrated by lecturers who are unable to connect their laptop to the projector, can't find the switch for the speakers, or aren't clear on how to operate the lights. Electrical engraving can massively reduce logistical problems like this, making lectures run much more smoothly. Labelling audio, video and USB ports clearly allows lecturers to connect their own equipment without confusion. If there are multiple light switches, this can also be made clear with engravings like 'Front lights' and 'Back lights.'

Kitchens and canteens

University kitchens may have large teams of staff, and confusion can arise when there are multiple, unlabelled switches around the kitchen. Clearly labelling all electrical switches with markers like 'Oven', 'Dishwasher' and 'Grill' makes everything clear and reduces the learning curve for new members of staff. Health and safety is also increased, as there's no risk of equipment being left switched on at the end of the day. Similar labelling can be used throughout kitchens in student accommodation. In combination with compulsory fire safety talks for all staff and students, this will dramatically reduce the risk of fires caused by kitchen equipment.


Classrooms containing electrical equipment like computers, printers and photocopiers can benefit from electrical engraving. Regularly used computer ports, like USBs, can be clearly labelled to reduce the risk of students damaging other ports by trying to insert incorrectly sized cables or memory sticks. Where multiple printers are in use, for example, colour and black and white, electrical engraving can be used to make this clear. This saves money by reducing instances of students accidentally printing in colours, and also reduces the amount of IT support that is needed for students in classrooms.