Mobility Issues? 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Home's Electrical Components More User-Friendly

When your mobility decreases, it's time to make some changes to your home in order to make things more convenient for you. Mobility can be affected by a number of reasons, such as disability following an accident, or simply as part of the aging process. Changing the setup and even the interface of some of your home's electrical components can make life so much easier when you're not as mobile as you used to be.

1. Your Lights

An electrician can easily install a smart lighting system for your home. This allows you to activate and adjust the lights from wherever you might be, without needing to get up. Many of these systems are controlled by a smartphone app, but for greater convenience you might want something even more advanced. Opt for a voice-controlled smart lighting system where you simply tell the lights to turn themselves on or off. Remote-controlled lighting (using a dedicated handset) is also available.

2. Your Front Door

So you don't have to get up to let visitors in, consider a smart lock. This is something that would benefit from a smartphone-enabled system so that a manual, deliberate triggering of the unlocking process is needed. Voice activated technology is available too, and yet you might not want to inadvertently unlock the door, however unlikely it is that you'd accidentally say the necessary command words. An electrician can also be helpful here, installing a security camera above the door so that you can actually see who is knocking without needing to get up.

3. Electrical Outlets

Not all aspects of making your home accessible and convenient require automation. How many extension cords and electrical outlet power strips do you have on the floor in your home? Even neatly tucked away, they still present a tripping hazard, and can make access difficult for wheelchairs or other mobility aids. The solution is very simple. Just arrange to have additional electrical outlets installed so that necessary electrical appliances can be plugged straight into the walls.

4. Switch Aids

With your existing electrical appliances, you might benefit from a remote-controlled switch aid. This means you don't have to bend over to actually turn on an electrical outlet. The switch aid is simply inserted into the existing electrical outlet, but the outlet only becomes live when the switch aid is activated (using the remote control). These switch aids don't even require professional installation and can be purchased from most electrical retailers.

Making the electrical components of your home more user-friendly in order to reflect your circumstances really isn't a big deal. However, how much easier they can make life can be a very big deal indeed. For more information, contact companies like Future Electric Services.