Is the Average Home Intruder Now Smarter Than You?

The average Australian relies on a sophisticated array of technology to help them get through their daily life. Nowhere is this more evident than in the home, where the kitchen and living room feature the latest appliances and equipment, designed to make the daily grind a whole lot easier. If you feel that you are similarly 'switched on', you may have installed a device or two to protect the perimeter of your home so that you can hang on to your belongings and keep the bad guys away. Unfortunately, criminals have become just as sophisticated in their methods, and you may not have kept pace with this development. Why do you need to have a closer look at your home security?

Why the Standard Approach Doesn't Work

Not too long ago, the average home would be protected by a simple system, designed to raise an audible alarm that would, hopefully, scare off the intruder. These days, however, the criminal has a variety of different techniques to help them gain access to a property that is poorly protected, and they will actively seek out such a home. You need to go a lot further if you want to avoid becoming a statistic.

Best Systems

You need to consider a comprehensive system that includes protection for each room within your building, as well as the perimeter. Ideally, you will have technology that is able to detect abnormal sound waves created by an intruder within a given room as part of a footprint that covers the entire property and not just an entry point. Some of these systems are programmed with artificial intelligence that enable them to 'learn' about your property and better protect everything as a consequence. They may be able to ignore the movement of your pet cat, but automatically raise an alarm if a human being moves within the property when they shouldn't be there.

In an ideal world, you will connect the system to a central monitoring station so that the alarm can be raised as soon as a break-in is detected and the authorities can be alerted. With silent response, they can then catch the criminal in the act instead.

What You Should Do

In today's world, you shouldn't put anything down to chance, but get in touch with a qualified electrician so that you can talk with them about the latest in security system innovation. You should invest in this type of technology before the average criminal becomes a lot smarter than you. Contact a company like Watters Electrical & Solar to learn more.