When Should You Call a Level 2 Electrician?

Electricians are tradesmen with professional skills and specialisation in electrical systems. They handle a wide range of tasks including installation, troubleshooting and repair of electrical systems. There are various types of electricians in Australia, from level 1 to 3, all with different certifications and roles in electrical work. 

This post shall discuss scenarios when to call in a level 2 electrician:

When You Need General Electrical Service

You will require the services of a level 2 electrician when you need to connect your new property to a power supply line. This electrician can help link your property to the mains, either from overhead or underground power lines. Besides, the electrician is responsible for installing power poles and metering boxes. If you are considering renovation, you will require a level 2 electrician to disconnect and reconnect the electrical system. 

However, if you want simple home lighting upgrades or setting up appliances, consider choosing a regular electrician for this task. Such electricians are responsible for residential electrical troubleshooting, equipment installations and HVAC system maintenance. They can aid in fixing trivial issues like home lighting, socket replacements, switches and outlets. 

When You Require Critical Electrical Servicing

For critical electrical issues, you require a professional with extensive training, specialisation and skills. Critical issues can be in terms of storm damage, excavations, overhead cable damage, setup and replacement of power poles, and location of broken power lines. These issues are highly dangerous and sensitive to assign an amateur electrician. To ensure safety and perfection, hire a level 2 electrician. 

Overhead power lines are highly dangerous since they carry remarkably high voltages. Any complications with these lines can cause severe damage, and it'll be best calling a level 2 electrician to handle them immediately. Consider hiring an electrician who is fully licensed and insured in case of any accidents.  

When You Want to Minimise Risks and Costs

A level 2 electrician will advise on the risks involved in an electrical fault and how to avoid them. He/she can advise you on what you can or cannot do, including safety practices to take. It is thus wise to work with an authorised electrician with knowledge and expertise to handle major electrical problems. Regardless of the size of the problem, always work with a licensed electrician from a recognised company in Australia.  

Finally, licensed level 2 electricians ensure high-quality work and work as per the state guidelines. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing they are qualified to guarantee quality work and safety. Besides, they will assist you to save more money since they implement the best electrical solutions.