When to Call an Electrician to Fix Your Hot Water System Problems

Should you call a plumber or electrician to solve your hot water system problems? If you have an electric water heater, you may be confused about who to call when problems arise with your water heating unit. Usually, you'll call a plumber, but certain situations require an electrician. Making the right call is vital to ensure timely repairs, which helps to avoid huge repair bills down the line.

Call an electrician if you encounter these specific issues with your electric hot water heater.

1. Your Water Is Cold

A water heater that gets no power produces no hot water. If the water coming out of your taps and showerheads is cold, you should check if power is being supplied to your water heater. If you don't live alone, someone else may turn the water heater off when it's not in use to save energy. Or, you could be facing a wiring issue that is preventing power from reaching your appliance. 

In case of a tripped circuit breaker, you can restore the hot water supply in your home by simply switching the breaker back on. Failed heating elements and blown fuses can also cause your hot water system to lose its ability to heat water. Getting these components replaced can get your water heater functioning properly again, thus restoring your hot water supply.

2. Your Water Is Lukewarm 

Your water heater has a thermostat that helps you regulate the temperature of your water. If the thermostat starts playing up, your hot water system won't heat your water to the desired temperatures. 

An obvious warning sign of a faulty thermostat is when your water is lukewarm but not hot or cold.

3. Your Hot Water System Keeps Tripping 

If your water heater's circuit breaker keeps tripping and won't stay on when you turn it back on, this is an indication of an overloaded circuit. Circuit overloads arise when an electric circuit's maximum amperage or load rating is exceeded. An electrician can help you investigate the cause of the overloads and help you upgrade your home's electrical system if necessary.

Since they comprise both plumbing and electrical components, electric hot water system repairs require the expertise of both plumbers and electricians to complete. Calling the right tradesperson when faced with electric water heater problems is crucial to ensure quick restoration of hot water supply in your home. Don't hesitate to contact an electrician near you if you notice any of the above-highlighted water heater issues.They can provide more information regarding hot water systems.